May 2, 2020

How to setup the Xfinity Modem?

Here is a simple way to setup your devide – xfinity modem :-

  1. Let’s get started
  2. Unpack your Modem & Connect it with Power
  3. Power on the Modem, It may take aroung 10 minutes to startup.
  4. Create Temporary Internet Connection
  5. Connect it via Wifi
    • Have a look for Network Name (SSID) & password printer on the Modem.
    • Network name appear as Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX.
    • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled device
    • Choose the Network Name from the list of available networks.
    • Enter the password when prompted.
    • If you’re prompted to enter a PIN instead of a password
    • Click on Connect Using a Security Key link to enter the password in the Security Key field.
  6. Activate Your Gateway or Modem online from your device by visiting URL

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a portable, broadband device to save money for customers. It’s designed with the internet at the heart of the interface and the way people use their phones today. With the nation’s biggest LTE network and most Wi-Fi hotspots, you’ll remain linked no matter what.


What is Xfinity TV?

Love to watch TV shows and hollywood films? We have amazing new tv shows for you! Xfinity X1 will make a difference to how you experience TV. You will finally experience the easiest, quickest and most full way to view all of your content on all your screens with our latest cable deals on X1!